The Basement is Finished!

About a year ago when my son was really starting to move around, my husband and I decided that we wanted to finish our basement.  We didn’t necessarily need more space, but we really wanted to have a playroom for him, and most importantly (in my opinion) a place to hide all the toys and STUFF!

Rewind a few months to the quoting process…like any good purchaser does, I started calling many, MANY contractors. Some were referred to us by friends and neighbours, a couple I found online, and some were family friends.

Let’s just say that out of about ten companies/people I contacted, only about seven got back to me.

Two of the contacts completely fizzled and they never ended up even making it here to quote our project. Ok two down, eight to go…

Two companies came to our home, got to know us, spent time with us coming up with a plan and a design and then didn’t ever wind up calling us back with a quote! What a waste of everyone’s time.

We had 3 reputable companies though, who after coming to meet with us and looking at our basement gave us quotes on the job.  Just to make our job as the purchaser harder, the quotes were all over the place and there was about a $15,000 range between the cheapest and the most expensive.  So how do you decide?  Do you go with the cheapest and hope for the best? Do you go with the most expensive because you want it to be high end? Or do you go down the middle because you don’t want to be cheap and can’t afford the expensive guy…

Well here is how we decided…

The company that we chose to work with is a family run company and had about a 15 page quote.  Every single hard earned dollar that we were about to put into this project was outlined for us.  From the flooring to the electrical, to the potential foundation cracks that we might have to fix, you name it and it was in the quote.  We knew what this job was going to cost and there should be absolutely no surprises at the end.  And surprise surprise, they lived up to it!  We are so happy with the work that did for us and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to have their basement finished.  This company was referred to us by a neighbour who recently had their basement done so we also knew what their work looked like.  Another reason why I chose is because they have a very large team of contractors who work for them so the job was done in two weeks!!  Living through the construction dust is a bit of a nightmare so I was happy to only have to deal with it for a short amount of time.

Finally - I also really liked the fact that they had a design centre.  I’m such a visual person, so it was very helpful to be able to go to their design centre to pick out all of the finishings.  Their staff is amazing and very helpful so I really felt confident from day 1 that we picked the right company for us.

If you’re thinking of doing any reno project I highly recommend talking to as many contractors as possible. While the task may seem very daunting at first - it really pays off in the end. This was the last contractor that we had quote on the job and I definitely saw the value in this company after having so many previous quotes.

Here are some pictures for you and good luck with any projects that you may be working on or thinking about doing! Home reno projects go such a long way and can definitely add a lot of value to your home - the key is trusting who you hire!!