The Storage Battle...

A woman can never have enough shoes, purses, diamonds or STORAGE!!! 

Two years ago my husband and I moved from our 1300 square foot townhouse into a 2750 square foot home - we felt like we were moving into a castle!  Although we loved the house, and still do, I knew before moving in that storage was going to be a major issue.  

Picture this… our crazy front closet is the size of a broom closet and a second main floor closet near the entry from the garage is also smaller than the average closet.  Now that we’re settled and our family has expanded to include a beautiful 14 month old baby boy who comes with a whole lot of stuff, I’m just about ready to lose my mind!   

We are tripping over shoes, diaper bags, briefcases - the closets are cluttered and so is the hallway and the foyer, and it’s only going to get worse.  Another baby (what if it’s a girl with a shoe fetish like mine), school backpacks and sports equipment.  After a whole lot of worrying about what we were going to do, I decided it was time to bring in the experts...

I reached out to a company called Closets by Design and I have ordered custom organizers for both of the main floor closets as well as for my son’s bedroom closet (which, by the way, is also smaller than average).  Shelves and cubbies and double hanging spaces should make a huge difference and I can’t wait for them to be installed in June!

I’ll share before and after pictures and let you know what I think.  A little creative thinking should help to add value to our home and lots of functionality to our space!!

Until next time,